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Silver Summit News

Cambridge House International has acquired the Silver Summit Investment Conference. With silver prices looking strong, there will be lots of interest in this fall's conference. More info below...

Vancouver, B.C. and Wallace, Idaho – Cambridge House International Inc, of Vancouver and The Silver Summit Investment Conference, Inc. of Wallace, Idaho are pleased to announce that Cambridge House has acquired The Silver Summit and is now owner of the this unique annual silver investment conference.

The Silver Summit is a yearly autumn investment conference held in Spokane, Washington, and is focused on all aspects of silver: its discovery, uses, and production.

Cambridge House International is the world's premiere hard-assets conference host, conducting events in Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Toronto, Phoenix and Montreal, all of which bring individual and professional investors together to hear from world-class speakers and to meet with public companies offering high growth potential.

Cambridge House Chairman Joe Martin stated: “We have worked closely with The Silver Summit's co-founders and producers, Shauna Hillman and David Bond, over the past few years on the Phoenix show, and a combination of our efforts is a natural move forward toward growing the natural resources investment audience and market. Because of The Silver Summit's unique niche in this market and its slightly counter-cultural flavor, it was key to Cambridge House and to future conferences that we were able to retain Shauna's and David's services as organizers of these U.S. events, and we are delighted to have them aboard.”

Shauna Hillman, President and Director of The Silver Summit Investment Conference, Inc., added: “The Silver Summit has just grown too big for two people to organize, market, and administer. This year we expect well over 1,000 people from every continent to attend the Spokane event and as many as 75 exhibitors. Joe Martin and Cambridge House lead the industry in terms of conference infrastructure, and in my opinion, more importantly, they lead the industry in terms of integrity and service. This combination will free David and me up to focus on what we do best, which is to deliver what everyone in the business agrees is the finest silver conference in the world. This is a very positive step for The Silver Summit.”

Hillman said Silver Summit 2010 will add a rare-earth metals component to its slate of silver and gold conversations. “Rare earth metals, long neglected by the main stream, need the attention of investors who want to be on the cutting edge,” she said.

Martin and Hillman stressed that the integration of The Silver Summit into Cambridge House will be “seamless and invisible” to conference attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, but will include additional value-added opportunities for sponsors and an enhanced registration experience for attendees.

“Now that we have acquired The Silver Summit, we will be exploring, with Shauna and David, additional venues in the U.S. and overseas for people who want to participate in what promises to be a long-running bull market in metal commodities,” Martin said, adding, “And for companies, Cambridge House International brings the largest, pre-qualified audience in the world into direct contact with the explorers and producers of these metals.”

The 8th Annual Silver Summit Investment Conference will take place on October 21 & 22, 2010, at the historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA.


Joe Martin, Chairman, Cambridge House International, +1-604 687 4151

Shauna Hillman, Director, The Silver Summit Investment Conference, Inc., +1-208 556 1621