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Ducks go to heaven, Geese go to hell

Bird news you can use  (with apologies to Cake)

The total duck population is nearly 41 million, which is similar to last year's estimate and 21 percent above the long-term average. Duck numbers hold steady across North America

An Oregon community has killed off 109 Canada geese that officials say were becoming a nuisance. Their goose is cooked; Canada geese gassed by Oregon community

Last year, the US Department of Agriculture removed more than 1,200 Canada geese from 17 sites, sending them to goose gas chambers. Sully’s revenge — wider goose cull planned this summer

On June 25, Syncrude was found guilty of a pair of charges – one federal, one provincial. The judge found that Syncrude did not deploy cannons and effigies, meant to scare wildlife away, quickly enough, before the dead birds were discovered on April 28, 2008.

The company is arguing the charges overlap. The provincial charge carries a fine of up to $500,000. The federal charge allows a fine up to $300,000, but allows the chance to seek a fine for each duck that died. Alberta politicians defend oil sands after Syncrude found guilty in duck deaths