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Bill Murphy Roast - GATA Fundraiser

Tonight at the Phoenix Resource Investment Conference featured a roast of Bill Murphy, Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. I used a flip video camera to capture some shaky footage of a small portion of the proceedings. Peter Grandich was the emcee and did a great job of keeping the jokes flowing. If Joe Martin wasn't so busy with Cambridge House I'm sure he'd be an auctioneer somewhere. All in all it was a fun night.

Having the markets plummet during an investment conference is always a bit unnerving for everyone. One standout company today that actually rose in price was Wavefront Technology Solutions (WEE.V) up $0.27 or almost 12% on an ugly day. It remains my largest personal shareholding. I gave a workshop on lithium and rare earth companies in the afternoon and met with a few companies. I also had a great chat with Eric Coffin of the Hard Rock Analyst and silver guru, David Morgan of the Morgan Report.

I've been digging into the long lists of companies in lithium and rare earths and have put together a top 3 list of my favorite companies in each space. I'll be sending it out to anyone who joins my free email list (see upper right hand corner of this blog) so I'd encourage you to do so.

Tomorrow I'm doing a keynote presentation at 9:30 am - Black Gold: Do you believe we are running out of oil? Interestingly enough news of a Dubai offshore discovery hit the wires yesterday and last week we noted the IEA's predictions of peak OECD oil demand.