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Best TSX Venture Companies – Technology/Life Sciences

Last week we outlined the criteria for companies to make the TSX Venture 50 list along with the 10 Clean Technology companies making the list. The other categories include Technology/Life Sciences (listed below) along with:

Technology/Life Sciences

  1. Sensio Technologies Inc (SIO.V) - technologies for 3D home video

  2. Medicago Inc. (MDG.V) - plant based vaccine and antibody production system

  3. ALDA Pharmaceuticals Corp. (APH.V) - infection control - disinfectants and hand sanitizers

  4. EnWave Corporation (ENW.V) - Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) dehydration technology for food, bulk liquids, and pharmaceuticals

  5. TransGaming Inc (TNG.V) - software to migrate video game content  across multiple gaming platforms

  6. Opsens Inc. (OPS.V) - Fiber optic sensors

  7. D‐Box Technologies Inc. (DBO-A.V) - high-technology motion systems for the entertainment industry

  8. Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. (NTB.V) - production of bioactive ingredients such as omega-3 phospholipids from krill

  9. Diagnos Inc. (ADK.V) - develops software and offers data mining services in natural resources, entertainment and health

  10. QHR Technologies Inc. (QHR.V) - Software designed to improve the efficiency of professionals in healthcare and other markets