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Best TSX Venture Companies – Mining

Last week we outlined the criteria for companies to make the TSX Venture 50 list along with the 10 Clean Technology companies making the list. The other categories include Mining (listed below) along with:


  1. Romarco Minerals Inc. (R.V)  - an exploration and development stage gold company with projects in the United States and Mexico.

  2. East Asia Minerals Corporation (EAS.V) - explores advanced gold and gold-copper
    properties in Indonesia and advanced uranium properties in Mongolia.

  3. Terrane Metals Corp. (TRX.V) - developing the large-scale copper and gold reserve at Mt. Milligan, BC

  4. Underworld Resources Inc (UW.V) - exploration company focused on developing gold discovery in Yukon Territory

  5. Western Lithium Corporation (WLC.V) - developing a lithium deposit at Kings Valley, Nevada

  6. Evolving Gold Corp. (EVG.V) - Exploring large gold systems at Rattlesnake Hills, Wyoming and the Carlin Trend in Nevada

  7. Explor Resources Inc. (EXS.V) - gold and base metals in Ontario, Québec and Saskatchewan

  8. Luna Gold Corp. (LGC.V) - near term gold producer in Brazil

  9. Lithium One Inc. (LI.V) - developing lithium chloride (Argentina) and lithium carbonate projects (Quebec)

  10. Rare Element Resources Ltd. (RES.V) - developing a rare earth and gold deposit at Bear Lodge, Wyoming