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By the Time I Get to Phoenix

The Phoenix Resource Investment Conference is well timed this year as it will have a focus on precious metals. While it is easy to make fun of the oversimplified zeal of the gold bugs, they've been right for the last 10 years (gold was the #3 performing commodity over the last decade). That's a pretty good run. There is nothing wrong with keeping things simple, especially if it works!

Here is where I'll be in Phoenix:

SPEAKER HALL Panel: Eye Opener - 8:30 AM Thursday, February 4th
M/C: Al Korelin, Korelin Report
Jim Letourneau, Big Picture Speculator
Greg McCoach, Mining Speculator
Peter Spina, Gold-Silver Seek
Jay Taylor, Gold & Technology Stocks

Workshop #2 - 1:00 PM Thursday, February 4th
Topic: Rare Earth's and Lithium - Where are we now?

SPEAKER HALL - 9:30 AM Friday, February 5th
Topic: Black Gold - Do you believe we are running out?

SPEAKER HALL Panel: World in Turmoil - 5:30 PM Friday, February 5th
M/C: Jim Letourneau, Big Picture Speculator
Michael Berry, Ph.D., Morning Notes
David Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst
Adrian Douglas, Market Force Analysis
Roger Wiegand, Trader Tracks

Please drop by and say hello. If any of you have any questions for the "World in Turmoil" panel please send them along and I'll try to get them answered for you.

Don't forget the Roast of GATA Chairman Bill Murphy on Thursday night!

As a side note, I misspelled Phoenix in the header of my last email. It went out to over 5000 people. I get a slew of vacation autoresponders where I see the subject line... over and over. I probably type the word Phoenix correctly 99.9% of the time but now 5000 people think I'm illiterate.

Thank you for not jeering me with comments about it. No snide comment can compare to my own self-talk.

This brings me to one of the more popular posts of all time here at the Big Picture Speculator.

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