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Manhattan Macs

Last week, while I was walking down Broadway a group of laptop users caught my eye. Apple had a 100% market share at this Starbucks. I have never seen a brand that gets complete strangers talking to each other about its latest product developments. We used to talk about cars that way (are you a Chevy or Ford person?) but now the market has been parsed into segments ranging from "smart" cars to Hummers*.

I'm not the most social person when I'm out drinking coffee but I've been asked "Have you seen the new Macbook Air  yet?" or "How do you like your iPad?" by complete strangers. Nobody asks me about anything else so I'm pretty sure its not my looks that are soliciting the questions.

The picture says it all. Five laptops in a window, and all five are MacBooks.

Mac users at a Broadway Starbucks Manhattan Macs

* Hummer drivers get almost five times as many tickets as the national average for all vehicles, according to a 2009 study. More here