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Big Apple Apples

I'm in the Apple store just off Central Park and I'm trying out the new 11-inch MacBook Air. I've been lugging around my old MacBook all over the place and the lighter weight is a major selling feature. I want one.

Yesterday I finished another edition of the Big Picture Speculator Newsletter featuring 5 companies that trade in the low $100 million range with the potential to reach the billion dollar club. I used my heavy MacBook and Starbucks WI-Fi. The newsletter features three biotechs (2 adressing CVD, one vaccines), one oilfield service, and one solar stock. Time will tell if they can reach their full potential but once you learn about what they are doing, it becomes hard to ignore them. I call them "stocks to feel nervous about" because if you don't own them you'll feel poorly about missing out.

CNBC has mentioned rare earth elements 2 days in a row. There is a specialty metals ETF coming out! Moly is making a comeback...who knew?