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2010 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

2010 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference January 17-18, 2009


This year's conference is being held at the Hyatt and Fairmont Hotels in Vancouver. This will make for some interesting logistics for everyone involved but it will be great for any businesses in between the two.

  • Sunday Hyatt Keynote 1:00PM

    • Do you believe we are running out of oil?

  • Sunday Hyatt Panel 5:30PM

    • M/C Rare Earths with Thom Calandra, Eric Coffin, John Kaiser, Gianni Kovacevic

  • Monday Fairmont Workshop 3:00PM

    • Lithium & Rare Earth Mania - Where are we now?

  • Monday Fairmont Panel 5:30PM

    • M/C Picking Juniors with Brent Cook, Greg McCoach, Robert Moriarty, Lawrence Roulston