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Brevity Thing

I've shortened up an iconic line from The Big Lebowski. People who know the movie will still get the reference. That is how our information overloaded society copes. We use shorthand. Why did "yadda yadda yadda" take off as a catch phrase?

I'm not sure why this useful trend has yet to catch on in writing about stocks. When it comes to newsletter and stock promotion, the whole brevity thing is ignored. Is this a throwback to print advertising? What is wrong with throwing up a hyperlink to news article or even a press release?

Case in point, Stock Gumshoe, digs through lengthy stock teasers and gives the readers what they really want, answers!

A very recent example concerns a very large natural gas discovery by InterOil (IOC). In my mind, their news kind of explained itself (see this post) but obviously there is something about "the story" that still gets people's attention. Watch Travis Johnson, aka Stock Gumshoe, reverse engineer a lengthy story about a very big natural gas find (click here). <<<this post previously had the wrong link here