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Toronto Resource Investment Conference

I'm preparing for this weekend's Toronto Resource Investment Conference. If you have a question about where the economy might be headed or a commodity related question send it along and I'll try to stump one of the panel members with it. I love asking questions that I don't have to know the answer to! I'll share the answers next week.

Don't forget to Save the $20 fee and register using the code JLT9.
I'll be at BOOTH #225 in between appearances. Please drop by and say hello.

Saturday, September 26, 2009
8:30 AM
Panel: Eye Opener
M/C Jim Letourneau, Big Picture Speculator

* Dudley Baker, Precious Metals Warrants
* Thom Calandra, Ticker Trax
* Leonard Melman, The Melman Report

4:30 PM
WORKSHOP 1 - Jim Letourneau, Big Picture Speculator - How to profit from micro-bull markets.

5:30 PM
Panel: Commodities
M/C Jim Letourneau, Big Picture Speculator

* Gianni Kovacevic, Kovacevic Consultants
* John Kaiser, The Bottom Fishing Report
* David Skarica, Addicted to Profits
* Jack Dzierwa, US Global Investors

Sunday, September 27, 2009
9:00 AM
Jim Letourneau, Big Picture Speculator Topic: The IUM bull market

2:00 PM
Panel: World Exploration
M/C Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst

* Lawrence Roulston, Resource Opportunities
* Brent Cook, Exploration Insights
* Craig Stanley, Pinetree Capital
* Jim Letourneau, Big Picture Speculator