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Vegas No Shows

A few years a go I was the co-host of a Calgary radio show called the Financial Reckoning. The majority of our interviews were with small-cap mining companies as they were big advertisers in the now defunct Western Standard magazine. It was generally a given that if you advertised in the magazine, you'd be given an interview on the show although we interviewed many guests who were not. Most of the shows ran quite smoothly but I do recall that there was always one show that had a hard time tracking down guests. That show was  in September during the Las Vegas Hard Assets conference. Scheduled guests invariably failed to call in at their scheduled times. Frantic calls to hotels to try and track people down were not returned. We suspect the siren call of Las Vegas distractions was winning out over phone calls to an Alberta radio program. Or maybe it was the one hour time difference?

I spoke at the show in 2007 and 2008 and can vouch for the distractions. However it was also a great networking event. We note that there was no Las Vegas Hard Assets show this year. We're curious to see if the event comes back in 2010.