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Heavy Rare Earths - an "IUM" Bull Market

Jack Lifton has been following the rare earth element (and other obscure but critical metals) for many years. Its always a good idea to square your speculative investments with his comments. His latest article points to the current state of the rare earth markets and lists 4 companies that have the potential to produce heavy rare earth elements or HREEs (in order of time to production):

  1. Avalon Rare Metals - AVL.TO (Thor Lake, NWT)

  2. Great Western Minerals Group - GWG.V (Hoidas Lake, Saskatchewan and other Eastern Canadian deposits)

  3. UCOR Uranium - UCU.V (Bokan Mountain. Alaska)

  4. Quest Uranium- QUC.V (Strange Lake, Quebec)

The only rare earth company that gets penalized by his list is Rare Element Resources (REE.V) but they have an interesting  gold JV with Newmont as well.