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Flying On The Ground (Is Wrong)

...but flying higher than the plane you are on is a very bad idea.

Lufthansa flight 494 from Frankfurt to Calgary was uneventful except for the last 2 hours when a passenger decided to ingest some kind of stimulant. I had a brief encounter with this character while leaving the restroom and walking through the front galley on my way back to my seat. A tall fellow with was insisting that he get some f*ing whiskey while the flight attendants were encouraging him to sit down in a jump seat. He had lots of tattoos and the de-riguer baseball hat - he was persistent and uncooperative but I figured he'd be passing out soon. It turned out that this was just the beginning of a very bad day for this passenger and those impacted by his insane behaviour.

A few minutes later there were a series of announcements from the flight attendants:

  1. is there a medical professional on board?

  2. would all men on the flight please come to the back of the plane?

  3. would all men go back to their seats

  4. would anyone with a tie please send it to the back of the plane

  5. would anyone with a belt please send it to the back of the plane

We couldn't see what was happening at the back of the plane but I noticed a flight attendant with an ice pack on her cheek walk up the aisle and enter the cockpit. Upon landing there were scores of cameras and smart phones at the ready to document the looming arrest of the psycho-crackhead passenger. As the bridge docked with the plane numerous law enforcement and emergency medical officials moved to the back of the plane. They elected to allow all the passengers to exit the plane first leaving the disruptive bad boy to his fate. As one flight attendant stated "We are trained to deal with these types of passengers but it is one thing to watch it on a film and a very different thing to deal with one in real life"... especially one with temporary super-stimulant induced strength. No dart guns or tasers were used but I'm sure passengers in his vicinity were hoping.

I suspect that the rest of this fellow's day didn't go very well.


There were a few extra "greeters" on the jetway