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Michael Jackson and Social Networking

There was a mad flurry of twitter posts today as a news piece by celebrity gossip site TMZ.com announced the death of Michael Jackson. While TMZ may be the National Enquirer of the web, they did manage to break the story well in advance of their competitors.

Initially, people who were skeptical of the TMZ report were looking for "official" reports and confirmation. I think they were asking the wrong questions.

A "real" news network wouldn't have direct access to a loose network of celebrity stalkers and freelance paparazzi. These people live and die by their sources who can provide them with the whereabouts and activities of LA's celebrities. Can you visualize a CNN reporter shouting "get me Jocko's dermatologist on the line!" I didn't think so.

I'm not sure what the value of breaking celebrity death news is but TMZ has captured most of it.