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Saskatoon Songs

I'm safe and sound in Saskatoon where a light snowfall greeted Saskatonians this morning. Mother Nature seems to have missed the Global Warming memo in these parts as the current temperature is 2 °C (or  35 °F). On the harrowing taxi ride into Saskatoon's downtown core there was a sign pointing to the turn to hit Rosetown and Biggar. If you haven't been to Biggar you should at least check out their famous slogan.

There are numerous songs with Saskatoon in the title but here are my two favorites:

I'm here for the SaskROCKS conference which starts bright and early tomorrow morning. While there are all kinds of interesting geological goodies in Saskatchewan, a couple of world class companies, Cameco (CCO.TO, CCJ) for uranium and Potash Corp. (POT.TO, POT) for potash, make their home here. These companies typically gain part of their grow from acquiring advanced projects put together by junior companies. There has been a wild ride for junior uranium companies as investors started realizing that Cameco couldn't buy all 300  uranium juniors, most of which had been in business for less than 4 years.