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PDAC - Talking Tungsten and Accessing European Capital Events

A couple of things from the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention that I want to pass on.

Firstly, the Talking Tungsten event was a very organized and informative. All of the presentations (and most of what was said was not time sensitive) were taped. It is worthwhile to check out the presentations.

Secondly, a networking event put on by Zimtu Capitdavid-hodge-and-heiko-seibelal (ZC.V) connected Europeans and

Canadians. The European Market Networking Event: Accessing European Capital event speakers (Dave Hodge-seated and Heiko Seibel - podium) pointed out that Europeans purchase stocks just like Canadians do - and their cumalitve market size is larger. Including Europe in marketing efforts makes good sense. The talks were followed up with a feast of german beer and sausage and some great networking.