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Billy Bob's Boxmasters Buffoonery

This CBC interview went sideways quickly. Maybe Billy Bob Thornton isn't a morning person. Jian Ghomeshi was certainly reasonable in mentioning that Billy Bob Thornton had made some films. If an artist pursues a new route, they shouldn't get cranky when people make a passing reference to their previous endeavors. Many musicians paint, (from Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash to  Marilyn Manson) but we rarely hear them complain about the public's reaction to their work.

As an aside, Thornton once lived in the same apartment block as Warren Zevon (another difficult interview) where they bonded over their respective struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). One of my favorite Larry Sanders scenes was when Warren Zevon pleaded with Arty to not sing Werewolves of London on the show (I love the look on Zevon's face just after the 3 minute mark). I love Thornton's cover of Zevon's  The Wind but it takes more than befriending great musicians to make a musical career.

The real question to ask then, is does his  music stand up? Given that Billy Bob didn't feel like singing we'll have to refer to the opinions others...

One fan put it this way... I'm glad he is a good actor because this kind of music simply won't make him a living.

Another reviewer says ...Thus, Boxmasters works neither as parody nor homage. It doesn’t even really work as a vanity project.

Sometimes it is best to let the music do the talking.