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Hey Now, You're an (E-mail) All Star!

I'd like to encourage you to sign up for my E-mail updates - as you can see below, the people at Constant Contact think I run a tight E-mail ship...

Constant Contact 2008 All Star

Email Marketing by
Constant Contact

Dear James,

You're using permission-based email marketing to help drive your business. You've communicated regularly with your customers and members. And they're clearly interested in hearing from you! You've maintained sound permission-based email marketing and list management best practices.

All of these indicate to us that you made excellent use of Constant Contact last year. And we noticed!

That's why we are proud to designate you as a 2008 Constant Contact All Star! You're part of a special group of our customers that we want to thank for setting a great example for other email marketers. Congratulations!

Thank you again for using Constant Contact, and we hope you'll continue to serve as a great example to others in 2009.

Best wishes,

Gail Goodman
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

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