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Photo Fun - Cabo San Lucas

Fotki has a fun photo widget that I've wanted to use for a while. I loaded some photos from Cabo San Lucas (was that last week?)- after all, its Friday and I can dream.

After parasailing, my camera dropped out of my shirt pocket when I clumsily transferred from boat to beach. The back face was briefly exposed to a 2-3mm of salt water and a few sand grains (just enough to kill the focus and photo viewing functions). A few blasts of hot air from a hair dryer seems to have fixed the issue.

I'm not going to worry about salt water corroding my camera's innards. It was exposed to car wash like hiking conditions on the Milford Track that killed my Blackberry and it kept on ticking. Later I left it behind in a New Zealand rental car (continued good karma to Sanjay Shah, Branch Supervisor Hertz New Zealand Limited who managed to contact me back in Canada).

My little digital camera has battle scars and I'm starting to forge a strong bond with it... as long as it keeps working.