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Polar Bear Quiz Results

We're closing off the Polar Bear Quiz. Most estimates of the planet's polar bear population range between 20,000-25,000. Given the image of doomed polar bears balancing on ice cubes it is little wonder that all of the responses were less than this number.

Solar Bears - I feel ill on TwitPic

The highest estimate in our quiz was 20,000 (and I bet they Googled to get that number) and the responses went as low as 1100. I'd graph the results but the dataset was relatively sparse. However, the results are consistent with the answers I get when talking to people.

We have been lead to believe that polar bears are on the verge of extinction due to global warming trends. Even the World Wildlife Fund (the other less interesting WWF) states the species is not currently endangered. That doesn't stop fund raising that raises the specter of polar bear extinctions this century if we don't do something about man made global warming today.