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Internet Tip - How to Use a Feed Reader

I want to point out the powerful advantage of using a feed reader to view blog content. Most blogs are updated several times a week but many have an unpredictable schedule. Following more than 3 or 4 blogs becomes a lengthy clicking exercise. Fortunately there is a solution. A syndication system called (RSS - really simple syndication) was developed that allows you to subscribe to a blogs RSS feed. The reader collect the feeds for you in a central place. You basically get to create your own newspaper based on the feeds you subscribe to. If you click on the button below you'll be be taken to my feed page. It will look like a stripped down version of my blog (which is exactly what it is).

Subscribe in a reader

In the upper right hand corner you'll be presented with numerous feed reader options. You'll need to click on one of them and create an account. I prefer Google as it seems to be the most popular and it integrates well with my email. If you start using Google Reader (or any other feed reader) you'll be able to subscribe to multiple blogs. More importantly, you'll have taken some big steps towards managing the internet information onslaught.