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Al Gore's Tipping Point

Al Gore's climate change circus reached a tipping point this year.

  1. Phelim McAleer challenges Al Gore at an environmental journalist conference. Gore stonewalls and McAleer's microphone is cut off.

  2. Al Gore touts geothermal energy while on the Conan O'brien show. He burns off some of his science credibility by saying that the temperature of the earth's crust is a million degrees.

  3. Gore's newest book "Our Choice" pastes airbrushed hurricanes pasted onto the earth like those fake bullet hole decals.

  4. His claims that Arctic sea ice will be completely gone in 5-7 years are refuted by the scientist he is quoting.

Gore's gaffes are getting more attention than they did after An Inconvenient Truth. The lost art of fact-checking has made a comeback and that is hampering Gore's efforts to mobilize humanity.

Al Gore's wife Tipper  (Mary Elizabeth Gore) attempted to censor music via the creation of the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC). This led to the creation of the Filthy Fifteen in 1985 and warning labels on records (which helped teenagers source offensive music which would shock their parents). Tipper's "tipping point" came when Frank Zappa provided eloquent testimony in defense of free speech.

Now Mr. Gore is being compared to the Robber Barons of old as people realize that his investment portfolio is highly leveraged to "climate reform" legislation. His agenda is now aligned heavily with his net worth. Money is a powerful motivator that can unleash an evangelical fervor in the dullest of men.

Gore now talks his book - not the one with the airbrushed hurricanes, but the one holding his investments.