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Uranium Deposits

Uranium stocks were sorely beaten up before the broad market crash. It looks like the selling was overdone as we saw some major bounces in uranium companies over the Christmas holidays. The chart below (courtesy of Resource World) lists some of the larger un-mined uranium deposits in the world. The price per pound in the ground on these deposits ranges from the $0.10 to $10 range. Clearly not all uranium deposits are valued equally.

Non Producing Uranium Deposits

I'd like to revisit my pre-Christmas post Why Buy Stocks?

I've summarized your comments.

I am sure that uranium stocks were the last things on people's minds while reading the article (mine included). However, the benefit of hindsight, I'm pretty sure the people who bought uranium stocks last week are in favor of their buying decisions. As an example, Denison Mines closed on Christmas Eve at $0.82 and closed last Friday at $2.10. I've written about uranium companies in my blog, but I usually don't get into too much detail. I try to save that for my email list and newsletter subscribers.

It is challenging to find quality companies as there are literally hundreds of uranium companies around. In a tough market, it pays to be picky. In my latest report, I've created a portfolio of 7 uranium companies that I believe will survive the market downturn and thrive in the coming years.

In addition, I've uncovered a company run buy some of Canada's Stock Market Superstars. The company is trading below book value (which is mostly cash at the moment), yet the group has one of the best long term investing track records in Canada. They've been quiet about their activities due to regulatory requirements but won't be a secret for much longer.

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