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Canada's 12 Wise Men - The Stock Market Superstars

I read Bob Thompson's book Stock Market Superstars over the holidays. In summary this is a "Market Wizards" style book of interviews with some of Canada's best performing money managers. Most of the interviews sound like they were completed in early to mid -2008 so there isn't much commentary one what they are doing to navigate the current markets. I did a quick look through their fund performance, and guess what? Some of Canada's best money managers were crushed last year. In spite of that humbling reality check, this group had been consistently outperforming the markets and their performance is likely to snap back ahead of market averages. I'll be looking at each manager individually in future posts.

  • Eric Sprott, Sprott Asset Management

  • Frank Mersch, Front Street Capital

  • Tom Stanley, Resolute Funds

  • Rohit Sehgal, Dynamic Funds

  • Peter Puccetti, Goodwood Inc.

  • Irwin Michael, I. A. Michael Investment Council Ltd.

  • Wayne Deans, Deans Knight Capital Management

  • John Thiessen, Vertex One Asset Management

  • Norman Lamarche, Front Street Capital

  • Tim McElvaine, McElvaine Investment Management

  • Allan Jacobs, Sprott Asset Management

  • Randall Abramson, Trapeze Asset Management.