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Comments on 6 Reasons to Buy Stocks Now

A few weeks ago I sent my email list 6 Reasons to Buy Stocks Now - I thought I'd pass along the responses.

Happy Holidays, I guess, anyway would like to resubscribe and catch up



Happy holidays Jim,

You have losses?  Try the pizza at Costco..best deal in town for people with shrivelled portfolios.  See you at the next show, provided I can afford the plane fare.

Best regards,

Keith Lue


Hi Jim
I agree with you re the bounce, and one reason for it will be the huge ramp up in the money supply, especially in the US, but like the early 30's it should be a rally in an ongoing bear market, and followed by a drop to still lower levels.

A Happy Christmas and New Year 2009 to you.

Clive Maund


Are you sure it is not the 1930’s??


and from Twitter

IRON100 @JimLetourneau How can one define "cheap" when one cannot adequately forecast earnings given the current state of bank lending?