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Week in Review

It was a very busy week with the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference and travel taking up most of Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday was an exciting day for me as I was invited to write for a large US based financial portal. They syndicate content through TD Ameritrade, Yahoo Finance, AOL, MSN, Marketwatch etc. We haven't sealed the deal yet but I'm expecting to be able to announce something next week.

That news was tempered by the passing of my wife's father early Wednesday morning. My wife was charged with delivering his eulogy and she shared preliminary versions with me before she left for Ontario. While I only met him once, I was moved by his life story and found myself sharing tears with Julia several times.

Today, an interview with The Energy Report released. It was sent it out to 7000 people on their email list and syndicated to other sites including 321energy.com, commodityonline.com, International Business Times, and UraniumSeek.com. David Pescod's Stockwatch Late Edition also made reference to the interview where I talked about the current situation for uranium stocks.

I'll be sending an email out to all of the people that I connected with in Vancouver and I'll be writing a fresh Big Picture Speculator report over the weekend.