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See You at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

If you are at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference this weekend please drop by booth #1110 and say hello.

On Monday, January 26th at 1:00pm I'll be on a panel on Metals Supply and Demand with:

M/C Victor Adair, MF Global Canada
Greg McCoach, The Mining Speculator
Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst
Jim Letourneau, Big Picture Speculator
Gianni Kovacevic, Petaquilla Minerals Ltd.

Then at 3:00pm I will be giving a speaker workshop in presentation in Workshop #2 (the middle hall at the west end of the convention center) on 3 ways to profit from the Energy Bull Market. To be realistic, we are not in an energy bull market at the moment,  however there are a few beaten up energy market niches with reasonable valuations that appear to have bottomed out. There was stealth buying over the holidays that caused a few companies in these niches to double in price quickly. I am currently watching them closely for follow through buying. After all, there is always a bull market in something.