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Tweet First ask Questions Later - Steve Jobs

This afternoon Twitter was filled with references to a Wired.com blog post stating that Steve Jobs had just suffered a heart attack. This post has subsequently been exposed as a fake (nobody commented on the spelling errors or the lack of working links - the hack used Wired's image viewer).

Twitter is very reliable when a group of people witness a common event. Today we saw how Twitter can be gamed. Often Twitter breaks major stories by 5-10 minutes while major news outlets verify and gear up to report on a story. News gathering is expensive, time consuming and often biased by corporate agendas. For today the mainstream media should get some credit for what it didn't report.

An image of the FAKE post (which was just removed from Wired.com) is show below.

Fake Steve Jobs heart attack image

... he who twitted it, committed it. I'm grateful it wasn't me.