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Oil Trivia Question

Courtesy of the PTTC Tech Alert...

What was the field name that kicked off commercial oil production in Mississippi in 1939? What is currently happening in that field?

The Tinsley Field in Yazoo County is recognized as the discovery field in Mississippi. Denbury Resources (NYSE:DNR) acquired the Tinsley Field in 2006 and has initiated CO2 tertiary operations. In their 3rd Qtr 2008 report of results, Denbury notes that tertiary production from Tinsley averaged 1,518 bopd during the quarter, up from 675 bopd during the 2nd quarter.

Denbury has done an amazing job of applying new technology to old oilfields and their shareholders were duly rewarded. The recent correction in oil prices didn't leave Denbury unscathed but they are worth keeping an eye on.