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Wrapping up the Week

Today were were mentioned in the Globe and Mail in an article called Uppers and Downers. I've recently stated that I'm short term bullish, medium term terrified and long term bullish but they just used "there's always a bull market in something" which isn't a bad way to look at markets. Even if the bull market is in fear and pessimism at the moment. Mostly I'm bullish based on yesterday's candlestick pattern in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. I was working out while watching CNBC and the cracking of the 8000 level was getting serious attention.  Turns out the market closed higher and it closed even higher today. Two days don't make a trend but I'm still bullish in the short term. If the market closes below yesterdays low then I'm changing my mind.

It has been a relaxing week at Esperanza, just outside Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Mexico has recently legalized gambling so we ventured into town to try losing some pesos. While about half the slot machines were of the spinning fruit variety, they also had some kind of multiple bingo card game that completely baffled me. Usually my wife covers off my blind spots but she was dumbfounded as well. I know that you don't need to over think gambling at a slot machined but these were to complex for my enjoyment. More fruit less bingo - if I have to do math while gambling I'm not going to enjoy it as much (for the laws of probability are not my friend).

On the flight down I read The Truth About Profiting from Social Networking by Patrice-Anne Rutledge and I had a good handle on 90% of it but I realized that my Linkedin profile was only 75% complete. Incomplete tasks don't cause me much grief but I had an epiphany - most of my readers are male and over the age of 50 (a pretty smart bunch as well). They are more likely to be on Linkedin than on Facebook so I had best put my best profile forward. I asked some friends and colleagues for recommendations and they helped me get my profile up to the 100% completion level. While incomplete tasks don't bother me, I also feel that even completed tasks are never really finished so I'll probably keep tinkering with it.

The Internet is spotty and slow here but I managed to change my photo on most of the sites where I have a profile. Except of course on SeekingAlpha.

I submitted one of my posts to SeekingAlpha.com which generated some healthy discussion (and some rants about Chavez). I need to put up my SeekingAlpha Certified badge again. They're very stylish.

We have a very large bag of limes for Costco in the kitchen and I've been squeezing lime juice over everything. My grip is improving!

I'm off to the pool - I need to figure out how my wife has learned everyone's life story without Googling them.