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Free Brian Wilson Tickets!

If anyone is in the vicinity of the California/Nevada border on Tuesday, September 9th there's an amazing deal on Brian Wilson tickets available

You can get up to 4 FREE tickets here.

You can listen to his latest album That Lucky Old Sun for the next few days online.

I'm speaking in Las Vegas the following morning. In fact, I'll be speaking three times in two hours before noon but I'm still toying with seeing the show as it is only an hour's drive out of Vegas.

One of the highlights of my life was taking my kids to see Brian Wilson's "Smile" performed live in Vancouver. I also took a little detour on a trip to eastern Canada down to Washington, D.C. to see him perform with Al Jardine on the 40th anniversary of Pet Sounds tour. I recall that Brian botched the timing of his two line intro to "California Saga (On My Way To Sunny Californ-i-a)", one of the few Beach Boys songs with an Al Jardine lead vocal. Al looked miffed but recovered nicely.

The best reason to attend a Brian Wilson concert is to see his backing band. They faithfully perform Brian's complex music while adding their own flourishes.  They are enthusiastic, fun and after watching them perform you'll have no doubt that they love Brian and his music. If you like pop music, you'll love seeing a Brian Wilson show, not as an exercise in nostalgia,  but for the amazing musicianship and performance devoted to his entire catalog of music.