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Still the Boss

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band put on a great show last night in Vancouver.

Everything from bluesy harmonica to classic Bo Diddley beats were mixed into a set that included 7 songs from his latest album, Magic. The new Magic songs hold up to Springsteen's best work, in fact they will come to be known as his best songs.

Springsteen provided a sense of urgency about freedoms and lives lost in the context of a classic E Street Band rock and roll extravaganza. His themes have matured over time. The Rising was a heartfelt and optimistic response to 9-11. Magic speaks of the the betrayals of the American people by their elected officials. Although he doesn't name names, lyrics that include "bodies hanging from the trees" and "the last to die for a mistake" make it clear that Springsteen is becoming more relevant with the passage of time.

He closed the show his celtic stomper,  American Land. America is not perfect but it still represents a place where an immigrant's dreams can be fulfilled...or not.

They died building the railroads worked to bones and skin

They died in the fields and factories names scattered in the wind

They died to get here a hundred years ago they're still dyin now

The hands that built the country were always trying to keep down

Rock and roll still matters.