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Pescod Pokes Fun

Canaccord uberbroker, David Pescod, made mention of a couple of companies that I've been working with in Wednesday's Stockwatch Late Edition. It's all about the 8's.

WAVEFRONT ENERGY          (V-WEE)  $2.35  +0.03         
PANTERRA RESOURCES         (V-PAN) $0.295  -0.01
TIREX RESOURCES         (V-TXX) $3.00   n/c

He looks like Drew Carey, only the hair is longer and disorganized and the suit a little disheveled and those are not our words to describe Jim Letourneau of the Big Picture Speculator...that’s his fiancée’s Julia’s words.

The two of them are expected to experience wedded bliss on 08/08/08 and you’ve got to think there is some sort of mythical interpretation to that date, but even for these thoughts are that Letourneau’s speculator has had two interesting calls over the last few months that have created more
interest in his newsletter.

The first call was Wavefront Energy and considering his technical knowledge of the oil and gas business, he has spent a long time over the last while trumpeting their technology and how it can enhance recovery in old oil fields.  Their stock over the last few months has finally responded in a big way.

In the past few days, Panterra Energy, a company with huge land holdings in Saskatchewan but very little in the lines of production anytime soon, has attracted attention because of a Calgary Herald article.  In that article, they mention 60 trillion cubic feet as potential and Letourneau and a few others
are suggesting that number is probably more than a little aggressive at this point in the Company’s history , but the stock has definitely responded.  Maybe they’ll have some money to play with shortly to find out what they really have.

With two stocks finally having a little joy, we go back to Letourneau looking for another story we should be following and fully expecting some esoteric high-tech oil and gas pick, he instead goes with a mining story.  Oh my goodness, all those thousands of mining stories out there and so few ever amount to anything, but he is a big believer having met some of the geologists behind the play and some of the company officials, he is convinced it is one of the more significant mining stories out there and is an admirer of the Company’s President, Bryan Slusarchuk.

If he had to buy only one stock today, he says Tirex Resources would be it.  Ironically, we will be having an interview with Tirex Director and Founder Neil Briggs in the next few days and we have to admit that we already own some shares of Tirex...so we hope Jim is right.

I'm an investor relations consultant to WEE.V, PAN.V and a shareholder of TXX.V