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Missing MEG

The Calgary Mineral Exploration Group (MEG) is holding its 17th annual Calgary Mining Forum from April 15-18th.

Unfortunately the Association of Professional Engineers Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) is holding its Annual Conference with the them "Rock Solid Professionalism" over some of those same days.

Since many of the province's mining geologists are going to be in Calgary, I'm now facilitating a seminar on Friday called Mining in 2008: Diamonds, Gold and Uranium.  Trying to find speakers was nearly impossible as many were on other continents during the planning stages. Fortunately Pam Strand and Mike Dufresne did commit to providing some quality content. Here are the subjects for Friday:

  • Gold
    and Diamonds, Current Status

  • Diamonds:
    From Kimberlite to Jeweller

  • Uranium
    Mining: The Big Picture

  • Iron,
    Coal and Steel: The Building Blocks

  • The Basics on Base Metals