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Party Time for Shale Gas in Canada

There have been some astounding gains in companies with shale gas potential in the St. Laurence lowlands region of Quebec. Other hot areas include the Horn River Basin in Northeast B.C.

This weekend's Calgary Herald highlighted PanTerra Resource Corp. (PAN.V) as a company that has enormous shale gas potential in Saskatchewan. Highlights from the article include:

  • Tiny PanTerra Resource Corp. has almost half a million
    hectares of prospective land near Moose Jaw it says could hold more
    than 60 trillion cubic feet of unconventional gas reserves.

  • In January, Calgary-based GasFrac Energy Services performed the world's
    first fracture treatment using propane gel on a PanTerra test well.

  • Kirk Wilson, an analyst with Clarus Securities Inc. rates PanTerra as a speculative buy that could top $1.

I'm an investor relations consultant to PanTerra Resource Corp. (PAN.V)