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Customer Service - Two Tales

My dealings with StubHub.com have been extensive. After several phone calls which add up to the better part of an hour I've managed to reach closure and at this point I can say that StubHub.com honored their FanProtectTM Guarantee to the letter. I eventually saved $125 with StubHub but my seats are in an inferior location. I'm feeling extremely neutral about the entire process.

I was very surprised by the service I received using Lifestyle rewards points with my CIBC Aventura Gold VISA card.  I booked a return flight to Toronto on line and I received a phone call immediately afterward from Kulbir who told me I could  use a different carrier and fewer points for the trip. This person saved me over $250 and I am very impressed.

There were radical differences in my experiences with StubHub vs. CIBC Aventura Visa. 

  • At StubHub I dealt with Nick, Arthur, Christopher, 
    John Whelan (Vice President, Customer Service) and  a friendly female voice who put me on hold 3 times while she checked with her manager and the ticket seller about various things.

  • At CIBC Visa Aventura I dealt with Kulbir.

Every time I called StubHub.com I had to navigate their call routing thicket which usually included being put on hold.

I was able to reach Kulbir's voice-mail quickly. He returned my calls promptly.  We played phone tag but he put the onus on himself to make contact with me (and he did).

These two incidents have inspired me to get my own "Big Picture Speculator" house in order. Look for some radical changes in the coming weeks.