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I Have Seen the Future

I really have seen the future! Sort of, two or three times lately!

Last night while driving home from a meeting discussing offshore oil and Alberta  gravel (how cool is that!) I was driving under a downtown railway overpass/vehicle underpass when an SUV shot past me at great speed. I thought wow! you go! of course whenever I drive excessively fast in these situations I start to decelerate on the uphill portion so that I'm back at the speed limit by the time I'm out of the shade of the railway bridge. If it weren't for speeding tickets and the risk of hitting pedestrians I'm sure I'd drive much faster myself. As I was admiring the SUV blow by me it occurred to me that it was not slowing down on the uphill leg, not even a little.  I thought you can't drive that fast in downtown Calgary without having problems eventually. That thought was followed by the sound of screeching tires followed by a crashing sound as the SUV plowed in to a Jeep that was stopped at a red light.

My second "see the future" moment has taken much longer to unfold. When my Ticket-master order was eventually offering me rafter seats for Bruce Springsteen's Vancouver concert, I immediately went to StubHub.com to get better seats. Getting physical delivery of the tickets has turned into a logistical challenge. My untrusting fearful voice was saying, "what if you don't get the tickets in time, what if, what if?"

This fear was based on the fact that the anonymous person that StubHub.com hooked me up with might be a last minute kinda guy like me. These kind of people tend to do things at the last possible minute (don't ask me how I know this), including stuffing tickets into a FedEx envelope. A day of show delivery date doesn't work for me as I need to travel to Vancouver that day see The Boss. Potential solutions existed (send tickets sooner, deliver them to a Vancouver address etc.) but now the tickets are in a time warp. Thankfully StubHub's best people are working to resolve this mini-crisis. My fearful voice was right!

Of course I'd never by a stock if I listened to that voice so I'm going to remain optimistic. Driving in Calgary is going to remain a safe activity because the crazy drivers are driving pink colored loaner cars from auto body shops. Those cars don't have any acceleration. StubHub.com might get me some Springsteen tickets for Monday night although as of 4pm on Monday I'm out an hour of cumulative phone time with nothing to show for it.

Writing this post reminded me of Kris Demeanor's captivating song I Have Seen the Future. If you've every played tennis on public courts, this song will likely bring back some memories. If anyone in Canada can figure out how to view a copy of the accompanying video I'd appreciate some instructions. It is available on iTunes in the USA but not Canada.