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Injection Perfection - What is an Injectivity Index and Why Should I Care?

Here are some quotes from the people who should know best...

Duncan Hamilton - Greentree President

The magnitude of the improved injection rates seen at Rodney South with
Powerwave cannot be achieved by any other means. Reducing the time to
fill the pore space and re-establish pressure drive by a factor of five
means we will see a production response much sooner than in a
conventional water flooding approach. The expedited fill-up also means
we should see an economic impact about 16 months sooner. Powerwave's
ability to reduce water flood response times may change the way many
companies think about water flooding programs. As time progresses, we
anticipate Powerwave will be expanded in Rodney South and possibly in
Greentree's other Rodney units, to awaken these mature assets, extend
field life and maximize production of reserves.

Brett Davidson - Wavefront President and CEO

The big win is always improved oil recovery and extending field life,
but before those can be achieved there has to be a volumetric balance
in the system. Consider water injection into an oil reservoir as
filling a bathtub. If the bathtub is half full then the company is
filling it five times faster than would normally occur. At Rodney
South, approximately 9,000 barrels of water must be injected to balance
the system and re-establish pressure drive. Once this critical balance
is achieved, measurable improvements in oil recovery are expected to
follow. With Powerwave, we expect to fill the Rodney South bathtub in
about four months versus approximately 20 months without it. We are
very pleased with this initial injection response and look to large
gains in oil recovery mimicking those reported to us by the
international oil producer employing Powerwave in Alberta.

 Time is equal to money in the oil business and ramping up production in 4 months instead of 20 months makes a huge difference to a company's bottom line.

Keep in mind that the horizontal producers on this project are already seeing a response but the "maximum" response will take a few more months to kick in. I don't think it takes a great imagination or intuitive nature to predict what will happen to the oil production rates at Rodney South in a few months time.