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Canadian Politics - What Fun!

Who says Canadian politics are boring? In the last few days I've seen more grassroots (the real stuff, not astroturf) material than during the election proper. Most of the things I've seen have been anti-coalition and that is probably because I live in conservative Calgary. However, rest of the country is shaking their head at the current turn of events.

Online petitions:

No to the coalition government

Clever graphics:

Central Canadian Coalition Party

Today I saw a large truck decal with the universal NO symbol (a red circle with a diagonal line) over top of the word "COALITION".

Nobody knows what 2009 has in store for Canadian politics. If the Green Party still has signs laying around Calgary there's no point in picking them up now as we might be seeing an election soon.

It must be a biodegradable election sign right? on TwitPic

We've all expanded our vocabulary by learning the world "prorogue". From my understanding it is the equivalent of pulling the fire alarm immediately before a scheduled exam.

Some commentator's have been making comparisons to the word "perogy" (which has multiple spellings and ingredients but is definately dumpling related). Nobody seems to be picking up on the "rogue" part of the word. In my mind professional rogue seems to make for a better comparison.

By the time parliament resumes on January 26, 2009 the general state of the economy will likely be much worse. Things are getting very bad very fast. I don't think the Canadian government has much hope of fixing things in the short term so a pause from knee-jerk legislation might prove to be a surprise benefit for Canadians. In other words, lets see what Obama does first.