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The Best Pub in Santiago

Last week I was in Chile touring Apoquindo Minerals (TSXV:AQM) properties in the middle of the Atacama Desert. I'll be posting photos and summarizing the property tour through a series of posts over the next while.

A couple of thoughts on Santiago - I found their transit system to be amazing. Although there had been some recent changes to the system that were frustrating outlying users to the point of protest, the subway was unbelievably efficient and there were plenty of buses visible on the streets. One block had 3 articulated buses waiting for passengers.

There was a big city style traffic jam on the way from the airport to the financial district. I'd hate to imaging what it would have been like in the absence of transit infrastructure.

Chile is responsible for roughly 1/3 of the worlds copper production. That explains the presence of a geologist friendly pub in Santiago. Geologists and Guinness!

The Best Pub in Santiago