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What is the future of business cards?

Most people still use them but they aren't as useful as they once where. This Future of Business Cards post was relevant to my current situation.

If I need to get a hold of someone I usually:

  1. Check my Blackberry address book

  2. Search Gmail for their contact info (either on my iMac or Blackberry)

  3. Google their name/company

  4. Search through scraps of paper on my desk

  5. pull up their outdated business card that has contact information from 2 years ago.

I'm thinking about business cards because I have collected many from recent resource shows in Las Vegas and Toronto. The contact info needs to be captured and Cardscan has recently put out a Mac compatible product. I have a PC version but I don't seem to have the patience to dual boot my Mac.

I also need to get new business cards printed up. I haven't put my physical address on a business card for at least 4 years but I have still included phone number, email and website. I like the idea of just providing the URL for this website.

Do you think there is a future for business cards?