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Endeavour Silver (EDR.TO) - Bradford Cooke Interview

I am in Cabo San Lucas this week but through the magic of "the internet" I can still be productive. I suspect this strange desire to be productive will fade over the next few days as the sun, sand and serenity slowly seep in. Mexico is synonymous with silver and my first trip to Mexico was courtesy of Endeavour Silver (EDR.TO) to see their Guanacevi mine operations. They continue to expand production and make acquisitions.

Brad Cooke of Endeavour Silver (EDR.TO) talks about:

  • Why precious metals are set to start outperforming base metals.

  • Endeavor Silver's dramatically increasing production profile.

  • Endeavor's "first mover" advantage in Mexico.

Listen to an interview with Brad Cooke.


Read the transcript.

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