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After 10 Weeks of Powerwave...

The news release below illustrates that the Powerwave process is working as predicted for the client. The next logical step would be a larger scale deployment. Wavefront recently completed a financing for $4.73 million so they have the cash to build additional Powerwave systems.


Data gathered over the past 10 weeks by an international oil
producer for Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc.'s
Powerwave installations in Alberta indicate that the process has led to
a direct pressure response in the reservoir, often with increases in
fluid production rates, increased casing head pressures or fluid levels
in wells, and in a number of cases increased oil cuts and/or oil
production rate.

Wavefront president and chief executive officer, Brett
Davidson, stated: "These early results are very meaningful as they
indicate Powerwave is positively influencing reservoir flow
characteristics in the production patterns where the process is
utilized. A positive increase in a wells fluid level indicates greater
pressure in the reservoir. Similarly, increases in oil cuts and/or oil
production rates are related to greater mobility of the oil phase
associated with more uniform injection of water. All of the
aforementioned reservoir responses are expected in a Powerwave
injection approach and should ultimately lead to appreciable increases
in total oil recovery. The next steps for the client and Wavefront are
to optimize productivity by increasing individual pump rates to
maximize production, and if applicable, increase water injection rates
to further enhance overall response thus providing additional support
for anticipated field-wide deployment."

Mr. Davidson also commented: "As an optimization process to
industry-accepted production strategies, Powerwave can play a pivotal
role in maximizing oil recovery from reservoirs and these new results
further legitimize the value of the process to oil producers throughout
the globe. Powerwave, when properly implemented in secondary or
tertiary oil recovery programs such as water floods, CO2 floods,
surfactant floods, et cetera, may result in billions of additional
barrels of oil being extracted from reservoirs over a number of years.
Invariably, this would represent a staggering dollar amount to the oil

I am a shareholder and investor relations consultant to Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services (WEE.V)