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On the Road - The Mainstream Media Plays Catchup

I'm heading to Denver this afternoon to meet with the good people at Exxel Energy (EXX.V). They have a big chunk of acreage in the Columbia River Basin (CRB). The CRB is very likely to contain a Basin Centered Gas Accumulation (BCGA) which will make for some great excitement at some point.

I've been ahead of the mainstream media on a couple of issues. I know this because this weekend I read about the things I've been talking about for most of this year. I often talk about Alberta oilsands royalties because they are currently being reviewed. My personal opinion is that if you have oil companies from around the world lining up to do business with you that you might be giving away the farm... except its worse than giving away the farm because all the province ends up with is a big hole in the ground and some toxic tailings ponds. The Globe and Mail gave this multi-page coverage in their Saturday edition.

Another subject that I've been talking about is the misguided US ethanol policy. This is not an efficient use of arable land and it is contributing to rising food costs (which were going up anyways because of rising energy costs and the increasing ability of "Chindia" to pay for processed foods). The Rolling Stone covers this issue in their National Affairs (we miss Hunter), The Ethanol Scam article.

There are times when I think I'm recovering old ground in my work but I tend to be very early on trends. This isn't the first time I got bored with a subject before it received mainstream press coverage. Now I try to put some money on trends I follow to keep things interesting.