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Sunny Days

School is out and I'm enjoying some quality time with my children. Today we are learning about FOREX. I keep all my change and leftover foreign cash in a bowl. Every 6 months or so there's enough to justify making a trip down to Albern Coins to pick up some silver bullion coins.

Some coins are flirting with having their metal content exceed their face value! More on that later.

Jim Roger's asks the question "Where is the oil coming from?" in a recent interview. I'm going to be putting my most recent oil sands picks out to the universe over the next few days now that my subscribers have had a chance to position themselves. I have two other "big picture" themes as to where to find oil and I'll be writing those up over the next few days. The energy bull market doesn't appear to be taking the summer off.

I just found out that an interview that I did with Tom Jeffries yesterday was bumped from the nationally syndicated Market Matters radio show. Rather than pout about it I'll give you the link to a fresh podcast with similar content.


My best buddy and animator extraordinaire, Ray Smith, was impressed with the traffic that got sent his way.
Wow you must have a huge group of people reading your blog.  114 clicked on to the Type A link.    The number of views has double in the last 2 days. All I can say is WOW.