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Bright Lights - Big City

My precious Treo "smart phone" is not living up to its moniker today. In theory I can post photos and text to this blog but this afternoon the text component was translated to jibberish before publishing. The photos were posted at least.

Its frustrating to do all that "thumb typing" on a mobile device and have it turn to junk. I'll keep trying to use it (so far I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Typepad software) but if you see a post containing jibberish it was probably made from my Treo (unless the post is at 2:00 am in which case it probably reflects my current state of mind). There were 4, count 'em 4!! drink vouchers in my environmentally friendly green convention satchel.

I paid $4 for an orange juice today. The "best breakfast" in Toronto so "they" say. It was pretty good but I think the famed Nellies of Calgary is better (why famed?... because its hearty, fast and simple and sans suprises like $4 juice). Did I mention I paid $4 for juice today?

OK I'm over the juice now... that cost $4.... really...they see us prairie kids a mile away in "The Big Smoke".