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Given the great number of junior companies with mineral projects, it is often difficult for them to get the attention of the investing public. In the case of Global Hunter , having Al Korelin as a director certainly pays off as his network of contacts and distribution of the Korelin Economics Report is wide ranging.

During the Las Vegas Hard Assets Conference in September, Al brought me to a social event that included Global Hunter's management team, including Chief Geologist, Mickey Fulp.  I recall a few key points (not all - I wasn't taking notes) about the La Corona de Cobre project including:

  • It is located ON the Pan American Highway (which can easily be moved if they decide to build a mine)

  • Metallurgy is a key piece of the puzzle. There is some risk that they won't be able to extract the copper from the ore (but studies are underway to evaluate this).

  • The proportion of oxide ore that can be mined quickly and cheaply (using heap leaching) was important.

I'll keep everyone updated as I learn more about the project.