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Undeveloped Silver Deposits

A corporate presentation from Mines Management Inc. listed the world’s Top-20 undeveloped silver deposits. I thought it would be instructive to see which public companies own these deposits. Silver is in a bull market after all. They are roughly listed from largest to smallest. Often new drilling results will expand the estimated size of these deposits so the relative size of each deposit can be a moving target.

Peñasquito – Mexico – Goldcorp (Silver Wheaton Corp. has the right of first refusal on future silver production from Penasquito)

Pascua-Lama – Chile – Barrick Gold Corporation

San-Cristobal – Bolivia – Apex Silver Mines Limited

Navidad – Argentina – Aquiline Resources Inc. and IMA Exploration are in a legal fight over ownership.

Cerro Rico – Bolivia – Corporación Minera de Bolivia (COMIBOL) and Franklin Mining Inc.

Corani – Peru – Bear Creek Mining Corp.

Ocampo – Mexico – Gammon Lake Resources Inc.

Montanore – Montana, USA – Mines Mangement, Inc.

Veladaro – Argentina – Barrick Gold Corporation

Rock Creek –  Montana, USA, – Revett Minerals Inc.

Prognoz – Republic of Sakha, Russia – High River Gold Mines Ltd.

Hackett River – Nunavut, Canada – Sabina Silver Corporation

Maverick Springs – Nevada, USA – Silver Standard Resources (Vista Gold)

Pirquitas – Argentina – Silver Standard Resources Inc.

Dolores – Mexico – Minefinders Corporation Ltd.

Palmarejo – Mexico – Palmarejo Silver and Gold Corporation

Candelaria – Nevada, USA – Silver Standard Resources Inc.

Waterloo – USA – Pan American Silver Corp.

Bowdens – New South Wales, Australia – Silver Standard Resources Inc.

Take note that equivalent deposits will have different valuations depending on which country they are in. A company's management can also change the market's perception as to what a deposit is worth.

San Bartolome – Bolivia – Coeur d' Alene Mines Corporation