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The 2007 Cambridge House Awards Gala Awards Dinner and Art Auction


John Kaiser and Joe Martin

Although it can be daunting coming to a predominantly mining conference when you're a "soft rock" geologist, I've always enjoyed coming to the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. It's a great way to meet lots of people in a short period of time. I had planned to go for a walk before the evening's awards dinner but seeing that people in suits were already congregating I went back to my room and changed out of my sweat pants and hoody. Not before I snapped a picture with my Treo. In theory, I can post from the Treo directly to my blog but the posts "got stuck". I brought a card reader along so I was able to pry my phone pictures out after the event.

John has been putting out Kaiser Bottom Fish reports long before before "email time". His website, www.kaiserbottomfish.com, has comprehensive data on all of the junior mining companies. He is continually improving his website.

Joe is the President of Cambridge House International. My initial attempts to confirm a seat at the Awards Dinner was thwarted by one of the database searching minions. While I wasn't in the database, Joe was immediately able to tell them what my table number was and who I would be sitting with...uncanny.

P1200499 Champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Walking into the ballroom - fancy flutes foreshadow a great evening.